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Hybrid Services at CBS-CS

CBS-CS never “closed,” rather, we collectively kept our community vibrant and connected by reinventing ourselves with virtual offerings including services, learning and social opportunities, and phone calls. Hybrid services are the next iteration of our reinvention. 
The following values guided our process:

  • We meet you where you are: We know some of you are eager to return to on-site services and some of you don’t yet feel safe doing so and are quite happy attending services via Zoom. 
  • Unity, Equity and Accessibility: We want our services to be equally accessible to those who want to attend on-site or online, and to those who have been vaccinated or those who are awaiting eligibility. We will use a registration process that will be fair to all.
  • Safety and Health: We are following and enforcing public health guidelines for everyone’s safety. We assure you that we are moving cautiously, thoughtfully, and slowly, guided by the evolving public health protocols and by health professionals on our COVID-19 Task Force who apply these protocols to our circumstances.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and commitment to the CBS-CS community, our ritual life, and to everyone’s safety. We look forward to seeing some of you “in shul” as well as those who will continue to join us via Zoom.


Details and Logistics for Hybrid Services

Who, What, & When?

  • Everyone is welcome to attend services on-site. Registration is no longer required. 
  • A webcam will stream the service from the sanctuary to Zoom for those participating remotely.
  • Attendees are required to be masked and free of COVID-19 symptoms (ie cough, fever).

 Safety measures

  • Everyone inside the sanctuary will be masked other than the service leader when leading and the Rabbi when teaching. Children under 2 are exempt.
  • Ventilation and airflow in the sanctuary have been improved through the installation of MERV-13 filters and increased air circulation rates.
  • In addition, the wall between the sanctuary and the social is down with only the blue dividers up, allowing for more air circulation.
  • Greeters will kindly remind attendees about our safety policies, including masking. 

IMPORTANT: It is the expectation of the COVID-19 task force, on behalf of the health and safety of our community, that all COVID-19 vaccine eligible adults will be fully vaccinated prior to attending on-site services. 

Questions? Email Melissa Harkavy at

Fri, November 26 2021 22 Kislev 5782